8/5 LCD TV Deal of the Week

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You want superb picture at a nominal price. then you want the Samsung LNB650 series TV.  55″ for $1,999 at BestBuy


Samsung LNB650
Samsung LNB650

And here are the best user/calibration settings to use.

Mode: Standard
Backlight: 6
Contrast: 90
Brightness: 44
Sharpness: 0
Color: 50
Tint: G50/r50

Detailed Settings

Black adjust: off
Dynamic Contrast: off
Gamma: -1
Color Space: Auto
Flesh Tone: 0
Edge enhancement: off

Picture Options

Color tone: Normal
Size: Just Scan
Digital NR: off
HDMI Black level: Normal
Film Mode: Auto
Amp 120hz: Low

Plug & Play
Energy Saving : Off



  1. thanks !! very helpful post!

  2. Craig Samuel says:

    This is great!
    I love a great picture, but I found my best movies were so bright and defined it looked like HD sports, a bit scary.

    Your settings have helped.

    One thing, I can not access the Film Mode ( under Picture Options) you suggested Auto & mine is set to Off and its greyed out so I can’t change it. Any suggestions how to change it?

    Thank you so Much

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