Presto Heat Dish

January 12th, 2010 by The Consumer Geek Leave a reply »

Recently I received a question from one of my visitors, “How can i stay warm when i’m used to it yet it’s freezing down here?”. The entire question included “at an economical price and when I don’t need heat that often!”.

Turns out people in warm places like Florida get cold too! The thing people learn is that even though space heaters work they aren’t efficient enough and you can’t run more than one in the same room, “Usually!”.

Here’s my recommendation: The Presto Heat Dish
my reasons:
1) It’s efficient!
2) It heats YOU, not everything else around you!
3) It’s economical!

The Presto Heat Dish can be found at your local Costco  for a nominal price of $67.99.


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