Ok ever wonder what’s the best bang for your buck? What to look for in an item? What catch phrases to know and forget? Well I always have and spent many hours researching every single thing before I make a purchase. Everything I post is explicitly based on my opinion and research. My posts will range from Electronics to landscaping,  random Services, and How to’s. I personally never ever pay full price for anything. Many things especially technology changes rapidly so I will be sure to make mention of the specific things to look for.

Who am I?

By profession I am a software developer, database architect, and network administrator, naturally I find myself keen to consumer electronics and consumerism as a whole. Personally I am slightly obsessive compulsive which helps when it comes to dealing with consumerism. I find that I am a better consumer because I have a knack for having to know the best of some particular item at an effective cost.

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