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What’s here to stay and on it’s way!

May 23rd, 2011

1. 3D TV’s – yes it will stay, how will it evolve? Well I’m sure we will eventually be losing the glasses. Viewing pleasure has yet to be pleasing
but most importantly the content will soon. Vendors and studios are spending a ton of money on 3D technology, please be patient.

2. streaming content (internet tv) – With Google TV coming into the fray, we now have many more ways to deliver “streaming content”. We’ve always
had the ability to hook up our pc’s to the tv but now people are looking for better ways to control the streaming content and Google TV may be the
start of it all. Networks are posting webisodes and extra content over the web, it’s only a matter of time.

3. One Wire A/V solution – integrators have found new ways to push and extract internet, audio, and video over one cable such as Cat 5 and your electrical system.
Cat 5/6 has been promising but we have yet to see the cost of these “compression/decompression” modules to come down.

4. Wireless HD – wireless HD solutions are available but great ones cost more than $800 which includes a transmitter and receiver. Best Buy is currently offering
a $300 wireless product by their home brand Rocketfish and looks to be the best contender.;+-+WirelessHD+Adapter/9620828.p?id=1218132817676&skuId=9620828

5. Integrated Home Automation – Security, smart thermostats, lighting, surveillance cameras… Yes it’s still around but the greatest caviat now is
the utilization of smart phones and other similiar devices such as the iPad. With new applications available you can now control your home from a remote
device no matter your location away from home. (as long as you have some sort of internet connectivity)

6. webcam/videoconferencing – Ok we know it’s been around but more and more people are soaking it in with grandparents, college kids, and even party
goers who want to see if the party’s worth attending.

What’s next??? Home Health – with so many new games and gadgets aimed at your movements and additional high speed internet capabilities, companies are now
taking aim at home health technology.
here are just a few “home health” technologies.

remote monitoring system for seniors, includiong your vitals with iphone support –
remote monitoring system for seniors with automated alerts, wellness reporting, cognitive tools and real-time communication between caregivers, family and the senior. -
emergency alert system for seniors –
computerless email – and
lets not forget that apple has also already thought of the visually impared –

We’re Back!

November 11th, 2010

We’re back and ready to help you make the right purchase just in time for the holiday season.
The Black Friday ads are already leaked and I’ve started my “must have” list but I’m wondering…

What are you looking for?

Let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll let you know the best bang for your buck.


March 29th, 2010

So you’re an avid reader and wondering what’s an amazon kindle, sony reader, and all this stuff about iPad taking over the world? Guess what I’m here to help.

Kindle is an Amazon product which immediately should grab your attention considering Amazon was made to sell books on the internet. Amazon has the largest digital book catalog, will this last for long? No, as publishers recognize the “E-book” demand most books will be available to any medium. Amazon has taken it upon themselves to create a type of “Notes” which they may decide to sell on an individual basis and lets just consider them “cliff notes”. These Notes allows you the note taker to share through Amazon. While Amazon allows people to rate them.

Sony Reader, well lets just say Sony always stays with competition. Sony has decided to line themselves up with everyone else and jump in. Sony really has to do some catching up but as always they do very well. While Sony’s list isn’t as extensive it is something to make mention of.

iPad! This reminds me of a comedian who once said “Where the Pads at?” haha. Apple has placed themselves nicely. While the iPad is a lightweight Netbook/iPhone/iPod they have also created a device that will also provide the ability to read books just the same. I’d watch out for this one. Amazon obviously recognizes that people will want to use the iPad and has already made a Kindle app for the iPhone. I’m sure they’ll be making one for the iPad also in order to retain customers since publications is the way they came into this world.

Long story short… Do you love to flip pages, smell the book, feel the weight of all the pages you’re going to rip through? I’m the same… But E-readers will be here to stay, get with it!


Amazon Kindle $259

Sony E-Reader $244

iPad $499

Cost of each book?

Amazon $9.99

Sony $9.99

iPad – TBD – but i’m sure it won’t stray to far from the competition.

Let me remind you that iPad is just like the iPod Touch/iPhone and will allow you to view e-books as apps whereas many are made available for free through the Apps Store.

Presto Heat Dish

January 12th, 2010

Recently I received a question from one of my visitors, “How can i stay warm when i’m used to it yet it’s freezing down here?”. The entire question included “at an economical price and when I don’t need heat that often!”.

Turns out people in warm places like Florida get cold too! The thing people learn is that even though space heaters work they aren’t efficient enough and you can’t run more than one in the same room, “Usually!”.

Here’s my recommendation: The Presto Heat Dish
my reasons:
1) It’s efficient!
2) It heats YOU, not everything else around you!
3) It’s economical!

The Presto Heat Dish can be found at your local Costco  for a nominal price of $67.99.